Hi, We’re MyOffroadPhotos

Thanks for joining us on this wild ride!

We are Jeff Bishop and Lori Lewis of Inverness, Florida and we love offroading in Florida’s beautiful state forests! In fact, the first photo we ever took together was a selfie during an offroading outing, at a spot we’ve affectionately dubbed “selfie corner”:

first selfie
Us back in September 2017 – soon after we met and before we each lost around 50 lbs (and counting!) Interesting fact: for the first several months of our relationship, we were averaging getting stuck in the woods once per month (which dropped drastically once Jeff got a winch!)



We mostly frequent Withlacoochee Forest, which is about 10 minutes from our house – we roll in our 2016 Toyota Tacoma – her name’s Sylvia:

Sylvia smiling pretty!

We also love photography and business, so when we decided to start a side hustle, MyOffroadPhotos was a great fit.

Whether we tag along with our cameras on a trail ride with you or we do a dedicated shoot of your rig, the results are drool-worthy images that will have everyone – including you – looking at your truck, Jeep, four-wheeler, etc. in a whole new light. Best of all, you can flaunt your rig on everything from a coffee mug to a phone case to canvas prints to man-cave decor like metallic art prints.

You pour blood, sweat, tears (and LOTS of money) into your awesome, badass rig – flaunt it!

Here are just a few of our favorite shots (so far!):



Want to see more? Visit us at http://www.my4x4photos.com

When we’re not riding around or running around with cameras in the forest, we enjoy music, movies, dining out, travel, and spending time with friends & family, including our furry kids:


Left to right: 2.5 year old YorkiePoo, Sparky (he’s on social media as @IamSparkytus), 6 year old Doberman Optimus, and 8 year old Dashchund, Po.

Thanks for visiting us!


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