How To Buy Items Featuring YOUR Rig

Did we photograph your rig during a recent group trail ride?

(If not, don’t worry – we’re working on putting together packages for private trail shoots – stay tuned!)

If so, buying everything from phone cases, coffee mugs, playing cards, wall art and more with YOUR rig on it is easy on

red jeep mug CROPPED

Our homepage features all of the events we shot, so finding yours should be easy – if not, there’s always the handy dandy search box at the top (#WINNING).

Then, after you’ve “Ooooo and aaaaah”‘d your way through the gallery and narrowed down to your favorite one (or two!) photographs, there’s just a few more clicks between you and your supercool rig merch:

  1. While you’re drooling over looking at your favorite photo, click the green “Buy” button on the lower right of the photo – a little menu will appear, asking you what you’re interested in buying: This Photo? (awesome!) Photos From this Gallery? (even MORE awesome!).
    buy button new branding
    You could even get greeting cards with your rig on them, right from this menu. But let’s assume you want something really special with that one favorite pic on it – the next step would be…
  2. Click “This Photo”. A menu will appear on the right showing you all of the types of products offered:
    buy step 2
    “Downloads” and “Phone Cases” are also available (even though they were camera shy for our screen capture).

    Paper Prints: from wallet size all the way up to 30″x40″, in a variety of finishes
    Wall Art: from rolled canvas to framed canvas to man-cave worthy metallic pieces
    Desk Art: the curved metal is especially cool!
    Keepsakes: coffee mugs, playing cards, coasters, magnets and more
    Downloads: digital images in a variety of sizes so you can flaunt your rig all over social media (#WINNING)
    Phone Cases: iPhone or Android, tough or slim – we’ve got your phone covered (literally, with your awesome rig!)

    Now, on to step 3…

  3. For this demo (and because, coffee) we’ll choose Keepsakes and grab us a rig mug.
    buy step 3As shown above, there are several options – we’re going to choose and customize the 11oz black.4, Once you’ve chosen your product, you’ll be presented with an tool to crop the photo for placement on the item, as indicated by the lightening bolt below:
    buy step 4
    PRO TIP: You can’t screw this up, so don’t sweat it. We have what’s called a proof period built into our shop. This means that we have up to 5 days (we’ll do it WAY faster) to check your order and make sure the image is cropped so it’ll look AWESOME. If it can’t be fixed as-is, we’ll go back to the raw image and fiddle with it until it’s perfect. Our goal is for you to LOVE your rig gear, to show it off, and to be so stoked by your experience with us that your friends will be rushing to us for their amazing rig shots and gear. 🙏5. Finally, the money shot! 🤣
    buy step 5
    Payment is easy – if you don’t feel like whipping out the ‘ol credit card, just hit that PayPal button and your rig gear will be underway.

So, there you have it – 5 easy steps to KILLER rig gear that you’ll love to flaunt.

Thank you so much for reading, for your interest and for your support!

See you on the trails,
-Jeff & Lori


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